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The Marketplace

Unlock your investments

With our marketplace, you can trade your investments, offering balance to your portfolio and liquidity when you need it. By saying goodbye to frustrating holding periods, you'll be in control of your investments like never before.

Never miss a deal again

Our marketplace allows you to buy stakes in listed companies, at a free market price, offering any investor the opportunity to participate.

Information at a glance

Historical and live trading information is offered alongside company quarterly reports, empowering your investing decisions with relevant company KPIs, metrics and results.

The Marketplace is operated by Funderbeam Markets Pte Ltd.

Trading on Funderbeam

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Investing involves risk. Please read our Risk Disclosure Statement for more.

Start trading successfully funded companies

Whether you want to trade your investments to gain liquidity, or to join an opportunity that you thought you'd missed out on, our marketplace, open 24/7 empowers you to control your investments, your way.

More than just a source of funding

We’ve helped dozens of companies raise funds, but we know that each one has a unique story to tell and specific needs and requirements. That’s why we’re more than just a source of funding.

Global investor exposure

We offer you diverse sources of capital including Angels and VC’s. With investors from 128 countries, our truly international network promotes cross-border investing.

Support beyond Capital

With a dedicated Account Manager and in-house legal, marketing and PR support, our team of experts help to build a compelling campaign.

Cost and time effective

Our simple four phase Fundraising process reduces admin and lowers costs, whilst our fee’s remain competitive and transparent.

Fundraising services provided by Funderbeam Markets Pte Ltd.

Harness The Marketplace

Should you successfully raise funds with us, the investment can become tradable on The Marketplace, giving investors the opportunity to buy or sell without affecting your cap table or adding any administrative work.

Simpler, quicker corporate governance

We require all companies to keep its investors informed, but with our ready made financial report templates and a single messaging channel, it couldn’t be more straight forward.

Liquidity to your employees & investors

Give your employees and early supporters a way to trade their shares without it affecting you.

Make strides towards an IPO

Increase the number of shareholders and learn to effectively manage investor relations, reporting and voting.

Keep your cap table clean

We pull all your investors into just one entry to your cap table, keeping it clean and simple.

Listing your company

You don’t have to raise funds to enjoy the benefits of being tradable on The Marketplace.

The perfect service that offers liquidity to your early supporters, simplifies time consuming corporate governance and your investor cap table all without issuing new shares or raising capital. Find out how simple it is to list below.

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